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  • Governors, mayors, city councilmen and councilwomen, ministers, senators, chamber representatives, directors, secretaries, counselors, deputies, and other actors who lead projects related to some thematic axis.  
  • Executives and leaders of the private sector.
  • Delegations of cities, regions and countries.
  • Leaders of social, public and private institutions.
  • Strategic managers
  • Leaders of technological ventures.

Opportunities at Smart City Expo Bogotá


Promote learning, exchange and inspiration to support the development of smarter and interconnected cities with their municipal network.

Meeting point to establish collaboration and motivation networks for innovative projects.

Participate and enjoy the presence of local, regional and global leaders in the city that share the developments and best practices of intelligent territories.

A direct meeting point to socialize the progress of projects and initiatives.

A space that invites you to continue building projects and plans related to that of territories and cities.

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